Lodder has been your expert, committed and innovative software partner for over 40 years

Lodder: expert, committed and innovative
Lodder Software automates administrative and logistic processes for petrol stations, petrol station chains, oil trading and bunkering. This specialisation is proving successful: we were founded in 1978 and have since become the industry standard From our location in Gorinchem, we serve more than half of the petrol stations and the majority of the oil traders in the Netherlands with more than 30 highly educated individuals. Lodder is also active in Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia.

Lodder has more than 40 years of experience in automation for oil trading and petrol stations. We know the industry inside and out: the dynamics, the regulations and all written and unwritten laws. We work closely with our clients. Their input keeps us sharp and motivates us to continue to innovate our products. This collaboration also ensures that we not only have an eye for detail but also keep the bigger picture in clear view.

We understand what is involved in running a business and know from our own experience the crucial role of current, correct operational data. Insight into the aspects that matter. An intelligent, automated process creates space, supports and provides managers with the tools they need to make a difference for their customers.

Technology, regulations and the wishes and requirements of our clients and their customers – everything is subject to change. Consult information via smartphones, such as new European directives or the recent wish to personalise loyalty programmes. Lodder keeps a keen eye on the future and translates developments in the market and the world around us into concrete applications. We invest in expanding and renewing our products and will continue to do so.