Lodder ERP

Your administration in order and always up to date. Follow trends and developments and operate based on results with Lodder’s ERP software.
The Lodder software links all administrative processes simply and quickly. As a result, your administration is always current, correct and grants insights and overviews wherever and whenever you need them. Save time (and therefore money) with Lodder’s administrative software.

Lodder CRM

We know what is involved in the administration of typical oil trading products and have devised useful tools and software for this.
The logistical and administrative processes of the oil trade are different from any other industry. Lodder has mastered these processes down to the last detail. Adjust product prices, manage inventory, orders and actions: everything is implemented quickly and easily with Lodder software.

Lodder AWP

You want to manage and control many operations online, which is why Lodder developed AWP, App & Web Platform. Full control within a single environment.
With Lodder’s apps, websites & portals, you can work wherever and whenever you want, with the exact data you need at that moment. The applications are platform-independent and therefore work on Apple, Windows and Android devices.


The LodderCard is accepted at more than 1000 locations in Northern Europe, and new locations are regularly added.
With our online card platform, we offer you continuity and stability. Lodder’s online fuel card is linked to all large, generic parties in the market. Are you already a Lodder client? You will immediately experience the great advantage of all aspects in one hand: the map, our software, the hosting and the web portals.

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